Through base.fonts object, Mojo grants developers granular control over their project's typography. You can tweak existing fonts or make new groups.

defaultThe default font group with various font choices.object, array, string
[Custom Group]Users can create custom font groups with their chosen fonts.object, array, string

Define an Object

You can create custom font groups within as objects, with each group containing font names and optional font URLs. this enables precise control over your project's typography.

[Font Name]Name of the font to be used within the group.string
[Font URL](Optional) URL or source for the font face.string

Define an Array

Alternatively, you can define fonts within an array, such as ["'Poppins'", "sans-serif"]. This approach simplifies the process of specifying primary and fallback fonts in a structured manner.

Define a String

You can define fonts as a single string, as shown in the example: 'Consolas, Monaco, "Andale Mono", "Ubuntu Mono", monospace'. This method is ideal for specifying a straightforward list of fonts and fallbacks.


    base: {
      fonts: {
        default: ["'Poppins'", "sans-serif"],
        alt: {
          "sans-serif": "",
        code: 'Consolas, Monaco, "Andale Mono", "Ubuntu Mono", monospace',