The options object in the configuration is crucial for developers to set the basic preferences for their projects.

keyDescriptionTypeDefault Value
initialStylesInitialize styles for the application.booleantrue
rtlEnable or disable right-to-left layout.booleanfalse
minifyMinify styles for improved performance.booleantrue
darkModeConfiguration for dark mode settings.object{ enabled: false, theme: "dark" }


Mojo's initialStyles offer essential base styles, aiming to harmonize cross-browser variations and enhance compatibility with your design system.


Enabling this option in Mojo adds a direction: rtl style to the body element, shifting the project to a right-to-left layout.


Enabling this option will automatically compress the output CSS styles. It is recommended to have this option enabled TO enhance optimization.


Enabling this option triggers the dark theme automatically when the user's system theme is dark.

Once dark mode is enabled in the "options" object, it's crucial to create a corresponding dark theme in "base.themes"