Mojo provides a set of default units under base.units, defining values for various measurements.

These units are utilized throughout the framework to maintain consistency and ease of customization. Below is a detailed overview of the default values for Mojo units.

PropertyDescriptionDefault Value
fontSizeBase unit for font size in Mojo.0.01rem
scaleBase unit for the scale in Mojo.0.01
sizingBase unit for sizing in Mojo. Example: 0.25rem = 1rem0.25rem
transitionBase unit for transition duration in Mojo.1ms
roundedBase unit for rounded corners in Mojo.0.125rem
lightenBase unit for the lighten effect in Mojo.2.0
darkenBase unit for the darken effect in Mojo.1.2

For example, by modifying the sizing property to 0.1rem in this configuration object, it directly impacts sizing utilities like the pa-10 class.

    base: {
      units: {
        sizing: '0.1rem'

This adjustment results in the pa-10 utility class being equivalent to padding: 1rem instead of padding: 2.5rem.