A quick guide to start using Mojo CSS in your Nuxt.js project.

Nuxt Module

  • 👌  Zero configuration to start
  • ⚡️  Hybrid rendering: Static CSS Generation & dynamic styling
  1. Add @mojocss/nuxt dependency to your Nuxt.js project

# Using pnpm
pnpm add -D @mojocss/nuxt

# Using yarn
yarn add --dev @mojocss/nuxt

# Using npm
npm install --save-dev @mojocss/nuxt
  1. Add @mojocss/nuxt to the modules section of nuxt.config.ts

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: ["@mojocss/nuxt"],

That's it! You can now use Mojo CSS in your Nuxt app ✨

See the GitHub project for more info.